Peter Hispanicus

Expositio in librorum De angelica hierarchia beati Dionysii
Expositio in librorum De ecclesiastica hierarchia beati Dionysii
Sententia cum quaestionibus libri De anima I-II
Tractatus / Summulae logicales

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Peter of Spain (Latin: Petrus Hispanus; Portuguese and Spanish: Pedro Hispano; fl. 13th century) was the author of the Tractatus, later known as the Summulae Logicales, an important medieval university textbook on Aristotelian logic. As the Latin Hispania was considered to include the entire Iberian peninsula, he is traditionally and usually identified with the Portuguese scholar and ecclesiastic Peter Juliani, who was elected Pope John XXI in 1276. The identification is sometimes disputed, usually by Spanish authors, who claim the author of the Tractatus was a Castilian Blackfriar. He is also sometimes identified as Petrus Ferrandi Hispanus (d. 1254 x 1259). (Wikipedia Abstract)