Adam Wodeham

Lectura Secunda
Wodeham Abbreviatio
Wodeham Ordinatio

RCS Data

DOB: 1295
POB: Southampton
DOD: 1358
Order: OFM
Sententiarus Period: 1320-1330 in London
Sententiarus Period: 1325-1330 in Norwich
Sententiarus Period: 1332-1334 in Oxford

Wikipedia Data

Adam of Wodeham, OFM, (1298–1358), born near Southampton, England in 1298, was a philosopher and theologian. Currently, Wodeham is best known for having been a student of William Ockham and for his interpretations of John Duns Scotus. Despite this associational fame, Wodeham was an influential thinker who made valuable philosophical contributions during his life. (Wikipedia Abstract)