On Question 1

By Jeffrey C. Witt

Edition: 0.0.0-dev | July 30, 2018

Original Publication: , , July 30, 2018

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On Question 1

This first question of book one of Gracilis Sentences Commentary examines Gracilis's understanding of faith and theology as discussed (traditionally) in the prologues of Sentences commentaries. The edition of question 1 provides substantive information regarding the relationship between Gracilis and John Hiltalingen of Basel given that Venicio Marcolio, Monica Brinzei, and Carolin Oser-Grote just completed an edition of Basil's Lectura super quattuor libros Sententiarum I, qq. 1-3, Cassiciacum Supplementbant 20.1 (Augustiner bei echter, 2016). Thus, the completion of the first question will provide substantive information about the complex textual relationship between these two authors.